Teacher training program

Teacher training program “Economics for Teachers at the Secondary Level IIb”, concluding in the “First Staatsexamen” examination:

This program of study offers various mandatory courses on subject-related didactics (introduction to the didactics of economics, didactic analysis of selected subject matter, theoretical foundations of subject-related didactics, special aspects of subject-related didactics, preparation for and follow-up to practical classroom training).

This program is currently in the course of being phased out and will terminate in the summer semester 2017 (intermediate examination possible up to 2014). At the start of the winter semester 2011/12, the Bachelor of Education degree program was introduced as a replacement model. As of the winter semester 2014/15, we shall be introducing the Master of Education degree program. For details of the examination regulations and study curriculum, please consult the official directives issued by the Ministry of Education.

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Guidelines for Academic Writing

You can find helpful guidelines for academic writing here. Please ensure that you observe these guidelines when preparing your own written work.

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